Kennel Club Membership

Law’s Country Kennel offers its customers and their pets an opportunity to save money when regularly boarded.  Our customers who travel often can pay an annual membership fee that provides discounts and other special offers including:

Canine Plan ($250/year) includes:

  • $3 savings on boarding rates for one dog
  • $5 savings on boarding rates for two or three dogs in one kennel space
  • yard play twice a day at no additional cost
  • 15% off bathing services for one dog
  • gift vouchers for additional pet services
  • priority boarding on “no vacancy” waiting lists

Feline Plan ($100/year) includes:

  • $3 savings on boarding rates for one or two cats in one condo
  • 15% off bathing services
  • priority boarding on no vacancy waiting lists


*Members who renew their yearly membership by their renewal date are eligible for membership at a discounted rate (Canine Plan – $225, Feline Plan – $85).

*Member rates are subject to increase with Nonmember rates during peak periods.

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