Leaving Pets Behind

“I am skeptical to leave my pet with just anyone, especially at a boarding kennel. Without established trust, I find it difficult to leave my pet with unfamiliar people.”

Since being established in 1987, the owners and staff at Law’s Country Kennel have taken care of tens of thousands of family pets, and are knowledgeable with all types of breeds. Extra attention early-on, calling your pet by name and giving treats helps to establish trust. And frequent interaction during the daily routine will allow the staff to observe any particular needs your pet might have.

The staff at Law’s Country Kennel in Roanoke, Indiana, continues to improve on providing authentic relationships with its customers and loving relationships with their pets. By understanding the importance of quality care that our customers and their pets demand, Law’s Country Kennel has, and always will, be northeast Indiana’s finest and most trusted pet care facility!


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“I feel terrible leaving my pet at a boarding facility. I desperately miss him and am worried he’ll be lonely and feel abandoned.”

This is one concern we hear a lot, especially from our “newbies.” We always recommend providing your pet with some belongings from home, including bedding or a couple of favorite toys. Anything with the smell of home on it will help. If you would like, bring your own food and treats. We feed according to your pet’s home feeding schedule and offer a consistent routing of our own. With the use of our daily routines by committed staff, pets are sure to adjust at a faster rate and have a more enjoyable time.

At Law’s, routine, compassionate staff and adjustment services are key. Prior to pick up and at check out, a report card with Information on how your pet did will be provided and available. Information on pre-chosen social activities with staff and other boarders, a feeding and medication report, and information on how your pet did in his or her kennel will be presented. Please know you may call, text or email at any time to check in. Our Associates will happily provide information on current progress.