“I don’t like the idea of my pet being confined and only getting out once or twice a day.”


dog kennels fort wayneUnlike crates at many other boarding facilities and some vet clinics, our kennel runs provide plenty of room for your pet. Each has its own indoor and outdoor living space with access to the outdoor run the majority of the day.

Law’s also offers “Yard Play” and “Nature Walks”. Both options are highly recommended for timely and improved adjustment to boarding, especially during longer stays. Our “Yard Play” provides each boarder with a 10- to 15-minute release or recess into our play area. It offers a chance for your dog to socialize with groups of compatible pets, to interact and play with our employees, to familiarize themselves with the rest of the facility, and provides another potty location.

We also offer “Nature Walks”. Each leashed walk consists of a 10- to 15-minute trek with a team member away from the facility, through a field and along the woods or around our three-acre lake. Pets are either alone with a staff member or with other compatible boarder.