Our Pet Care Team of Animal-Loving Professionals

Our facility, the services we offer and the systems in place are essential to the health and well being of the animals we care for. It’s the individuals we employee however that makes the difference. We are proud of the beautiful people that have joined our family over the past few years! You will not find a more caring and committed group of young professionals.

Bill Law

Owner / President / Operations Manager

Katie Sipe

Joined: 3/21/22

Senior Manager / Office Manager

Damara Lambert

Joined: 4/1/24


Elycia Tome

Joined: 3/16/24



Taylor Doehrman

Joined: 5/29/22

Junior Manager / Office Manger

Haylee Penn

Joined: 8/29/22

Office Manger / Advanced Associate

Hailee Fudge

Joined: 10/9/23

Advanced Associate

Isaac Bustos

Joined: 2/21/24



Emma Sparks

Joined: 7/22/20

Advanced Associate / Social Media Director

Cami Sallot

Joined: 1/15/24


Kiersten Aldrich

Joined: 3/25/24


Angie Warner

Joined: 4/8/24