Company / Family History

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The Early Years

In 1982, recently retired Lt. Col. Kenneth S. Law and his wife, Deb, returned with their two sons, Bill and Andy, to Huntington, Ind., where Ken was born and raised. The family settled on 23 acres a few miles east of where Fort Wayne’s future General Motors plant would be built. Ken worked hard on the property creating paddocks, pasture land and horse barns that led to the creation of Law’s Appaloosas. The business was successful thanks to Deb’s 20 years of experience in horsemanship sales and service and Ken’s vision and love of working outdoors.Law’s Appaloosas soon created a network of trusting relationships with local animal lovers. While working in Human Resources at Magnavox (now Raytheon), Ken looked to further invest on the property by starting one of the area’s first pet boarding facilities. Law’s Country Kennel broke ground in the fall of 1987.


Dad and Boys at Kennel

Mom and Pop Shop

During the 1990s the Laws’ horse operation was still their primary business. It didn’t take long, however, for Law’s Country Kennel to demand more time and energy from its owners. The business soon became a trusted source of pet care among Roanoke, Huntington and southwest Allen County families. Run primarily by Ken, Deb, their two sons and a few employees, the business grew quickly as pet owners came to appreciate the owners’ commitment to providing quality care.


Law's Country Kennel

A Commercial Enterprise

In 2009 Ken retired and passed ownership to his oldest son, Bill. A graduate of Indiana University with a degree in tourism/resort management and business, and with coaching from Action Coach International, Bill started offering additional services and established a culture of hiring of a committed, pet-loving staff.

With more than three decades of caring for tens of thousands of pets, Deb, Bill and their team of professionals continue to treat each pet individually with loving care. We welcome every opportunity to do what we do best: provide an enjoyable, activity-rich, social home-away-from-home for your pet.

We thank you for your business and continued support!