Safety And Security

Just as important to providing a great team of caregivers and offering great services that help with adjustment, is the safety and security of each pet that we care for. Law’s Country Kennel has and will continue to invest time, energy, and money into ensuring the facility and each pet it houses is safely secure and monitored 24 hours a day. Products and services provided free of charge include:

Pet GPS Tracking by Jiobit – Every serviced nature walk has a GPS tracker on each pet’s collar or slip lead. The mobile app supported device monitors the location of each pet while on their leash walk.

Belt Secure Leashes and Slip Leads – All nature walks on our trails are supported by weighted slip leads and secure belt systems that are fastened safely around the waist of the team member providing the walk. 

Communication – Every team member has on their person a two-way radio for improved communication for real time data.
Back Up Generators – Our facility provides a full service, permanently installed Generac generator that automatically delivers power directly to our electrical system, providing water, heat, and air conditioning during essential times.

Perimeter Fencing – Bordering our yard play and social area and at trailheads is a perimeter fence. Quality fencing provides peace of mind for owners and employees knowing all boarders are prevented from venturing outside of the facility when not on a leash.

Infrared Security Cameras – An interior and exterior recorded monitoring system is provided for personnel training, and 24-hour security surveillance of its facility and its boarders.
Door Sensors – These discrete little devices installed on our entry doors communicate with the security system whenever there is entry into the facility while the system is engaged.

Fire Detection and Alert System – Heat and smoke detectors are located throughout the facility, and with an accompanying fire pull system, and strobe lighting to assist arriving fire fighters, a complete fire detection and timely alert system is provided 24 hours a day.

Security Panels – as a base for fire and security components, two communication panels relay system status to various smart devices, our security vendor, and potentially local fire and police responders.