Your Concerns


We have been in business since 1987, and we understand that kenneling is a learning experience for each pet.  Some will adjust quickly, while for others it may take either a few days or a few visits. In the end, however, we personally guarantee your pet’s approval of the quality care given at Law’s Country Kennel.

Our committed, professional and pet-loving team serves as trainers for your pets, and we encourage socializing and interacting with our staff and other boarders by offering therapeutic services. These services administered by our caring professionals help our boarders avoid feeling confined and promote trusting relationships.

Our clean facility, the systemized routine and the outdoor services offered by compassionate pet lovers committed to the company culture make Law’s Country Kennel the perfect place for your pet to stay when away from home.

Listed in the poll below are the fears and concerns that Law’s Country Kennel addresses every day. To help us improve our services, please take a second to vote your major concern. Thank you!