“I am afraid that my pet will not be comfortable and will not sleep while we are away.”

From the moment your pet is left in our care, a routine is established. Our routine, accompanied by your pet’s feeding and medication instructions from home, creates a sense of security. Climate-controlled kennel spaces are roomy and safe and can be made more comfortable with items from home, such as bedding and toys.

Law’s Country Kennel is a very active and social environment during the day, offering plenty of yard play and nature walk opportunities right here in Roanoke. However, with ample down time between our office hours, pets do find a quiet time to relax over lunch and time to sleep at night. Before staff leave for the night, night lights are left on and classical music is left softly playing for a more relaxed atmosphere.


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“I am afraid that my pet will not eat while we are gone.”

Over the years, we have found that each pet’s eating habits are unique. Some may eat their food quickly, choose to take random bites throughout the day, or may cover their food indefinitely with their blanket. Depending on your pet’s confidence, it may also take a day or two before your pet begins to adjust. At that time eating becomes routine and kenneling becomes fun. During the adjustment period, a fresh bowl of food will remain in front of your pet, and we will pay particular attention to his or her consumption. Eating is an indication they are adjusting to us. We also personally hand your pet treats (favorites from home or ours) to provide additional sustenance and build trust.

We recommend bringing your own food, especially if you feel that your pet may not eat, is on a special diet or may have a sensitive stomach to any change in diet. Most boarders are fed at 7:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. If you would like to feed your pet closer to the noon hour or multiple times during the day, please let us know. We would like to remain close to the feeding schedule your pet is accustomed to.