by DogAdventureHQ

Dog owners are fiercely loyal to their pets and like to take them everywhere they go. For some people, this even includes camping trips, and their dogs are bundled up with the rest of the gear to join in on the adventure.

If you’ve been considering camping with a dog but are unsure of whether it’s a smart choice, this is the article for you. We’ll show you the pros and cons of camping with your dog so that you can make the right decision about whether you should include your canine friend in on the fun.


The Truth About Dog Camping

It might seem easy enough to load your dog up into the car with the rest of your belongings and take them along on a camping trip. However, there are plenty of things that you probably haven’t considered.

When camping with a dog, where does he sleep? How much water does he need? Is there any special dog camping gear you have to invest in? All of these and other factors have to be weighed up, and the truth is it’s not going to be ideal for everyone. We have the pros and cons of this practice for you to weigh up before you make the final decision.

Pros Of Camping With A Dog

There are so many good things about camping with your dog, and you only have to ask someone who’s been there before what they are. These are our list of pros for dog camping and why you should seriously consider it.


Having your dog at the campsite means an extra set of ears, eyes, and a powerful nose to keep you safe from predators and wildlife. They can alert you to things like rattlesnakes or sneaky raccoons trying to steal your food.


If you camp alone, you might cherish the companionship that your dog offers on a camping trip and prefer their company to humans. Otherwise, being out camping without the family dog could make it feel as though an important family member is missing, and you don’t want that.


Being out in the wilderness will give your dog a workout like never before, and they will feel the benefits of this exercise for many days following. Both you and your dog will probably get more exercise when you head out with each other.


There’s nothing quite like a camping trip to bring people together, and this doesn’t just relate to humans. Your dog and you will form a special bond from all of the outdoor activities you do together.

Cons Of Camping With Your Dog

Although there are plenty of positives, taking your dog camping isn’t without some downsides as well. Keep these in mind before you bring along your canine on the next camping trip.

Extra Effort

Having this extra family member on your trip means another person to think of. You’ll need to check regulations for dogs, whether they need to be on a leash, take extra food and water, and have somewhere shady for them to rest and sleep. Be prepared to make the effort if you are going to take your four-legged friend along.


Buying some of the key dog camping gear can cost a little, but these days there are ways to shop for affordable, quality gear like dog beds and dog harnesses. Buying quality gear also guarantees it will last a lot longer so you can use the same stuff for years to come.


There’s no right or wrong answer about whether or not you should take your dog camping, but the overwhelming response from loyal dog owners would be yes. Your pets would appreciate getting into the great outdoors just as much as you do, so for a little bit of preparation, it’s well worth it to take them along.

You will need to plan for this extra companion on your camping trip, with the most important supplies being a dog harness made for the outdoors and adequate food, water, and shelter. With all of these ticked off your list, all you have to do is bring them along for the ride and you’ll see how much they love it, too.